Explore :: Banff, Canada

Our next stop in Canada was Banff. I didn't want to leave Toronto, but oh it was worth it to see Banff. It's now in joint first place as my favourite place in the world, alongside Yosemite.

It started off with a lot of drama, which could only be calmed by Tim Horton. As I've said before, that man is always there when you need him. After a slight change of plan, we were on board a bus and heading to our hostel in Banff. We arrived to definitely the nicest, most lively and helpful hostel we stayed in during our trip. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone going to Banff. We were exhausted, so unfortunately couldn't witness the karaoke we could hear from the cellar and went straight to bed ready for adventures in the morning.

Banff was everything I expected Canada to be. We'd arrived in the dark, so when we stepped out the door the next morning we were taken aback by the sheer scale of the mountains around us and just how beautiful it was. I spent the whole time unable to believe that it was real.

We got our free bus pass and went to the top of the Banff Gondola. It was blooming freezing at the top and were most definitely not prepared for this. After taking a rather large amount of photos, it was time to go back down the mountain to visit the Upper Hot Springs. A few hours in the hot springs, followed by a massage in the spa was just what we needed and felt perfectly refreshed, ready to walk back down into the village. We had a 4 course fondue meal, which included wild boar and venison and melted Toblerone for dessert. Why oh why have I never thought to melt Toblerone before?!

After walking off our four course meal whilst browsing the shops, it was time to head back up to the hostel to collect our bags and catch our bus to Lake Louise.