Happy I'm Still Single Day!

Today I'm going to be spending my day surrounded by couples getting married and then more couples enjoying an evening eating amazing food together.

In Valentines Day tradition, I'm going to give you a list of things you can do if unlike me, you're single and able to avoid the world asking why you don't have plans and telling you Mr Right is just around the corner.

Here is what I'd be doing today:

1. Watching the Magic Mike XXL trailer, because you can't watch this too many times.

2. Playing Tinder Bingo - Buzzfeed have created a Tinder Bingo game. Plus it'll probably make you glad you're single after seeing some of the guys on there.

3. Thinking about how much money I'm saving over the year. Then going and spending a bit of it on something I've had my eye on.

4. Baking - I particularly like this "Pies before Guys" idea. Have a look at her Instagram whilst you're at it, so many good ideas!

Alternatively, you can make yourself a courting cake and attempt to find yourself a man.

5. Watching The Notebook with a big bag of toffee popcorn, basking in the fact that I can spend the night in, PJ clad and make up less.

Oh the joys of being single.
How're you spending your Valentine's Day?


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