Five Happy Things #24

This has been one very long week. Work was both ends of the scale, from being dead at the start of the week to being non-stop over the weekend. Safe to say I'm exhausted and counting down the hours until my day off on Wednesday. There have been positives though, including purchasing way too many pretty stationary items in TK Maxx (none of which I went in to buy) and then a compulsory trip next door to Pets at Home to see the chinchillas and to buy Marzie a chew. Anyway, here are some of the things which have made me happy this week:

1. Wagamamas - I had the rare occasion where I finished work at the same time as normal people on Wednesday. So I took the opportunity to meet up with Georgie for a Wagamamas. I'd never been before and the fact they serve Mochi was a huge winner for me.

2. Cows - Most of my friends know that one of my dreams is to own a few brown cows, so I can make my own ice cream. There's just something about brown cows I find adorable, odd I know. So I was very excited when I drove through a huge herd of them when I was driving through the forest the other day.

3. Cheese jokes - Eppie sent me these cheese related jokes the other day. Even though I'd heard most of them before I had a good giggle at them, which definitely cheered me up after a tiring shift.

4. The Cadbury advert is back!! - Oh the excitement. If I had to tell you a few of the things which made me happiest last year, the original advert is one of the few things that spring to mind. I just can't watch it without feeling happy. So when I saw this on my TV the other day, I was way too excited.

5. Food Programes in general - Great British Comic Relief Bake Off started this week, not quite the baking inspiration as the normal show, but still a good watch. I've also been catching up on James Martin's Home Comforts series on iPlayer, which I'm really enjoying. Basically if it's food related and on iPlayer, I've watched it.

What has made you happy this week?

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