Five Happy Things #20 and #21

A day/week late, I do apologise! It's been a busy week, still settling into work and finally moving into my flat. It'll be nice to actually have my own permanent place in Southampton, rather than living out of a suitcase. Aside from work I've been mainly sleeping, as forget the gym, if you want to burn calories and get that all over body ache, just get a job which involves running round and being on your feet for ten hours a day! Anyway, here are my happy things for the past two weeks:

1. Free drink Saturday - On Saturday night after work, I discovered that we have a thing called "free drink Saturday" and can choose a drink of our choice from the bar (within reason), once we've finished work of course. That's enough to make anyone happy.

2. New flat - I finally moved into my new flat, which makes me feel like I'm back at uni just without the essays, thank goodness.

3. Chocolate Milk - An age old favourite, forever making me happy, however this week I feel it needs a space on the list.

4. Work - Sounds silly, but I've really enjoyed work these past few days. Some people there genuinely make me laugh and I feel like aside from the odd occasion where I'm messing up and feeling I'm letting the side down, I'm happy. Although I do now respond without hesitation to both Welshy and any "Baa" noises.

5. My drive home -  As I was driving through the forest the other night on my way back into Southampton, I had to stop for at least eight deer in the middle of the road. I genuinely did a little squeal of excitement. Oh I love this place.

6. A night out with work - On the whole, a good night. Popworld is always a winner in my books.

7. The girls coming to visit - On my days off last week Eppie and Jane came to visit. Pizza Express, followed by sitting in our PJs chatting and watching Millionaire Matchmaker. Was really good to see them after what seemed like forever.

8. Marzie - I popped home this week to take back some boxes and suitcases that were getting in the way at the flat. Of course this involved seeing Marzie, oh I miss that dog when I'm away.

9. Tea - Joy can be the only word to describe how I feel when someone offers to make me a cup of tea at work.

10. Sleep - I love sleep at the best of times, but goodness has it made me happy to just fall into bed these past few weeks. I was treated to a new mattress topper from Soak and Sleep and my bed is now very much a marshmallow, which makes leaving it even more unbearable.

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