Everybody Was Cold Flu Fighting!

I've unfortunately become one of the many people who seem to have started the new year with a cold.

Every winter when the inevitable cold comes around I end up googling to see what natural remedies I can find to make me feel human again. As I've pretty much tried and tested every method on the first ten or so pages on Google, I thought I'm compile the best of them in a blog post. Plus I wanted to use that blog title.

Although nothing can really get rid of a cold, these are the few things I've found that really work, even if just for a temporary relief.

1. Steam - Get a bowl of boiling hot water, place a tea towel over your head and hold your face above the water. You look a bit silly if anyone walks in the room but it really helps, especially at the start and end of the cold.

2. Liquids - Drink like you've never drunk before, especially hot drinks. For extra relief, mix some honey into your drinks as it's a natural cough suppressant and soothes sore throats.

3. Spice - Get that nose running. You might not be able to taste whatever spicy thing you're eating but at least it makes you feel better for a while!

4. Baths and showers - Same principle as the steam I mentioned before. Plus a bath with a nice Lush bath bomb or lots of bubbles makes anyone feel better.

5. Sleep - I'll take any excuse to sleep more and I think having a cold is definitely one of them. If you can have a day where you just stay in bed, sleep and drink those warm drink all day you're bound to be on the mend much quicker.

6. This Yoga sequence - I love Esther Ekhart's yoga videos and find this one for head colds really helps you feel better. 

Do you have any tips for getting over a cold? Are you a 'man flu' sufferer or do you just power through?

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