Motivational Monday #1

If you know me, you'll know I love a good motivational quote.

From what I've seen from other blogs and what I've discussed with friends, everyone seems to be unhappy in some way or another at the moment. After watching Children in Need on Friday night, all of these things we complain and get upset about on a day to day basis seem trivial in comparison. Although that doesn't mean they don't upset us.

I've been going a bit crazy on the inspirational quotes front on Pinterest the past month or so. It may seem odd to some people, but some of the things I've read have really helped.

I loved the "Motivational Monday" posts that lots of people seemed to be doing, but they seem to have fizzled out recently. So therefore, as the winter is upon us and we all get a bit down in the dumps over the weather etc, I thought I'd start up my own.

To avoid the first post being too text heavy, I thought I'd start with this one as it pretty much speaks for itself. Hopefully, we'll all have 80-odd years of this time to invest in, but in reality who knows. I know I'm guilty of wasting time procrastinating and wishing it away sometimes, as do most people. Maybe if we all viewed life more like we viewed money, we'd have a much more enjoyable life and have more to look back on and value when this time runs out.

Anyway, this definitely has potential to turn more into a 'Morbid Monday' rather than a motivational one if I carry on in that manner. Sorry! What I'm trying to say is, this week go out and do more of what you love, don't stress as much and don't take time for granted. Use those $86, 400 wisely!


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