15 Thoughts of an Unemployed Graduate

1. Everyone else seems to have their act together and I'm sat here like, I don't know what I want to do with my life.

2. Everyone is settling down. Getting boyfriends, having babies, getting engaged. I'm sat here with my Knit Your Perfect Boyfriend kit whilst crying at The Notebook.

3. What if I never get a job? I'm going to be living with my parents or as a crazy dog lady forever.

4. Crap, uni is over forever. Cue depressed whatsapp messages to my uni friends saying how much I wish I was at uni again.

5. *Flicks through fresher event photos on Facebook*. Bloody hell they look young. If I was actually still at uni I might as well get out my zimmer frame and get back to knitting that perfect boyfriend.

6. I really wish I could go on holiday with my friends. Wait, they all have real life jobs now or they've already gone on holiday with their boyfriends. Oh and I have no income.

7. Maybe I should just go travel the world instead. Everyone that hasn't already got a job seems to be doing it.

8. Why don't I have the money to buy myself that perfect wardrobe. I need a new grown up wardrobe with pretty clothes and business wear.

9. Crap, my friends are starting to turn 23. We're going to be 30 before we know it. So old.

10. I want to buy all the homewear stuff I can. That's such a nice saucepan/pillow/milk jug. Shame I don't have a house.

11. This Buzzfeed quiz says I should find my future husband in the next 48 hours. He's also apparently Ryan Gosling. Oh and we're going to have 4 babies. Life is looking up.

12. All these girls on Instagram are so fit, why can't my stomach look like that. Maybe I should use all this free time around job applications to go running.

13. Spending my time on Netflix is a much better use of my time.

14. If one more person asks me what I'm doing with my life, I may cry.

15. I wouldn't be worrying about any of this if I was Emma Watson.


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