Trek America - Western BLT - Los Angeles

We woke up on the final day of our trek, clambered into the van and made our way to LA. 

Our time in LA was short but sweet. In true LA fashion, we got stuck in quite a bit of traffic on the way into the city, leaving us with just enough time to see the sites and sounds of Hollywood before heading to our hotel.

It was soon apparent that GMTV's old celebrity segments with the Hollywood sign green screen background had given me unreal expectations of the Hollywood sign. Can you spot it?

We spent quite a bit of time meandering down the Walk of Fame, looking out for our favourite celebrities along the way. I of course found Walt's star and it was a bit emotional seeing Robin Williams' star, as he had died earlier that week.

After a quick stop off at the Chinese Theatre it was time to say our goodbyes. Half of us headed back to the hotel, munched on Five Guys and reminisced about the week we'd just experienced.

Safe to say I couldn't have asked for a better group. I've met some really amazing people, some of which I hope I'll see lots more of in the future. 

If anyone is thinking of travelling America, I'd 100% recommend doing it with Trek America.
I'm already looking at which trek I'm going to embark on next...


  1. Hi,

    My friend and I are thinking of doing the Westerner 2 camping trek next year. Are you allowed into casinos in Vegas if you're under 21? We'll only be 20 when we go. I don't drink alcohol so that's not a problem, but I'm not sure if we would get a bit bored just walking around at night while the others in the group are in a casino/in the limo/etc.

    Thanks :)

    1. Hi Julia!

      You are allowed in the casinos if you're under 21, but of course you can't bet. They won't ID you if you're just wandering around, but they will if you're stood at a table etc. We had one guy in our group that was under 21 and he was fine. He was allowed in the limo as well, so you'll be fine especially as you're not drinking.

      Even if you don't want to go to the casinos, you definitely won't be bored! There's loads of shows you can go and see, nice restaurants, shopping centres and even the hotels are just incredible to walk around.

      Hope that helps! Let me know if there's anything else I can help you with :)