Trek America - The Video

To finish off my few Trek America posts, I thought I'd share the video I made of my Trek experience.


  1. I just read through your trek america blog and was thinking about doing this tour. would you say u get enough time in each location or would u recommend doing a longer trek?

    1. Hey! It completely depends what you want from the tour. If you're looking to just do all the main attractions at each stop this would be ideal for you. You get to see all the main elements, but not really any time to do little, non-touristy things. Although if you do this tour I'd definitely recommend extra time in San Francisco and LA, as otherwise you'll only spend a few hours in each. So definitely give yourself an extra few days around the arrival and departure dates.
      Hope that answers your question! Let me know if I can help with anything else :)

  2. Watched the video again to get me excited, I want to book now!!!!!