Tamper Coffee - Sheffield

On Sunday I went for a wander around the food festival with the girls, before popping into Tamper at Sellers Wheel for lunch.

The place is New Zealand themed and has one of those menus where you could order anything and you'd be exceedingly happy.

After much deliberation we all decided on what we wanted. I overcame my fear of being perceived as an 'instagram whore' and took a few photos.

Jane had been in the week before and ordered the Chilli Pesto Pasta, which she said was really good. This time she went for the Lamb Ragout Pasta, which she said was amazing and the lamb was cooked perfectly.
Eppie opted for the Steak Sarnie. 
How incredible does this look, those chips were massive. Top marks from Eppie on this one too. 
I decided to go for the Sweetcorn and Chilli Fritters. It came with a poached egg with hollandaise sauce on top, which was by far the most perfect poached egg I have ever eaten. 
I also ordered a strawberry milkshake, as always.
You know a place does good food when you'll miss it when you leave a city. If this is what all the food is like in New Zealand, I want to move there ASAP.

I've already told the parents that we're eating here when I'm back in Sheffield for graduation in November.

If you're in Sheffield, you need to go.

A Little Trip to Bakewell

A few weeks ago Eppie, Jane and I had a day trip to Bakewell. 

We hopped on the bus with the rest of the day trippers and made our way through the lanes into Derbyshire.

It wasn't long until we were hunting down somewhere to eat. I'd read good reviews about 'The Old Original Bakewell Pudding Shop' and it didn't disappoint.

We couldn't have asked for nicer staff and the menu was equally as lovely. They also had some really really tasty looking specials. 

After much deliberation I went for the Steak & Onion Sandwich.
Although I was very tempted by the Bakewell Afternoon Tea.
I think I'm developing a love for all things lime flavoured at the moment too.

Look at how good this looks! My mouth is watering a little bit thinking of it.

The girls were also very impressed with their meals, although I was a bit preoccupied with my sandwich to take photos!

After our meal we popped downstairs to the bakery. So many tasty treats on offer.
Although I knew I had to try a Bakewell pudding.
I decided I'd go for a small one, although it was so tasty I could definitely have eaten a large. 

Bit different to the Mr Kipling Bakewell tart version!

Another definite plus were the little shops on offer. We found one which had pick and mix Pukka teas, our idea of heaven!

It was really nice to get out of our little uni bubble for the day, I'd definitely recommend a trip if you're in the area!

Almost There

This has been my view for way too long.
This time tomorrow my exams will be over and I'll no longer have to spend my days staring at walls and talking to myself.

I don't think it's quite sunk in yet that tomorrow at 11.30am I'll have finished university forever.

Expect an emotional blog post in September, when I realise I'm not coming back. At this point I'm fully expecting to spend at least one day crying, whilst looking through photos of the past 4 years, as Graduation by Vitamin C plays in the background.

Whatever you do, don't listen to that song if you're also an emotionally unstable final year student.

Right, break over. Off to finish my last few hours of revision!

Five Happy Things #10

This week I managed to catch the cold that everyone seems to be plagued with at the moment. It's been a busy one, trying to prioritise everything I need to get done at the moment, whilst being surrounded my tissues, strepsils and hot blackcurrants. Despite this, I have to say its been a good one.

1. Eppie kindly invited me along to London on Monday for a day at the Sanctuary Spa in Covent Garden. Amazing to just forget about uni work for a day, swimming, sauna's and having a go on their famous swimming pool swing.

2. I had another trip to London later this week for my visa interview. My visa was approved and had a lovely few hours walking round London with my Mum, browsing the food halls and wishing we could buy all of the children's clothes in Cath Kidston

3. Yesterday was Eurovision. My friend had a bit of a get together for the occasion and we each put bets on which 2 countries we thought would win. I chose Austria and The Netherlands, who came first and second place, so I won the money! You can always count on a good beard.

4. I popped home for a couple of days this week before my visa interview, which meant puppy cuddles with Marzie.

5. Revision breaks. Probably a few too many of them. I've spent them watching Captain Phillips (which was incredible) Ben Brown videos and Bondi Rescue

This is going to be my last Five Happy Things posts for now. I have my last uni exam in 12 days, so likely nothing too exciting for these posts due to revision! They'll more than likely return in 3 weeks time when I fly off to America for the summer, so keep an eye out.

Disney Cultural Exchange Program / International College Program CEP/ICP - Packing List

On my first program, I had no idea what to pack. There seemed to be tonnes of packing lists from college program cast members who were taking everything but the kitchen sink, but only a few from ICP/CEP cast members. 

So here's my packing list for my CEP 2014. If it's on the list, it's because I needed/used it last time, so no overpacking. Hope it helps!

(Good idea to photocopy all paperwork)
·      Mears voucher
·      Passport (with the J1S visa stamp inside)
·      The original and a copy of your DS 2019 form
·      Disney Offer Letter
·      Flight Information and tickets
·      Proof of medical insurance
·      Printed receipt of your payment of the Program Assessment Fee
·      Details for your arrival in Orlando
·      Photocopies of passport;
- Page with your name, photo and passport number
      - Page with your visa stamp
·      Proof of travel insurance
·      Social security card (if you’ve worked in the US before)
·      Onboarding paperwork

Electrical items
·      Camera
·      Kindle
·      Phone
·      Straighteners
·      Hairdryer
·      Laptop
·      iPad

·      Phone charger
·      Kindle charger
·      Camera charger
·      Laptop charger
·      Tablet charger
·      Ethernet cable

·      Memory cards
·      American plug adapters x2
·      Photos/things from home for your pin board
·      Drawing pins for your pinboard
·      Earphones
·      Padlock (for the locker in your room)
·      A few coat hangers
·      Laundry basket/bag
·      Watch

·      Money for your arrival
·      Cash Card (I use FairFX)
·      Bank Card

·      Towel (body & hand)
·      Beach towel
·      Bed sheet
·      Duvet
·      Duvet cover
·      Pillow
·      Pillow covers

·      Sun cream & after sun
·      Shampoo & conditioner
·      Shower gel
·      Deodorant
·      Dry shampoo
·      Hair products
·      Hairbrush
·      Toothbrush/toothpaste
·      Wet wipes/Make up remover
·      Face wash
·      Moisturiser
·      Feminine hygiene products
·      Razor
·      Any medication
·      Insect repellant
·      Make up 
·      Hair Ties and hair clips

·      Underwear
·      Socks/tights (for work)
·      Swimwear
·      Shorts
·      Tops
·      Dresses
·      Skirts
·      PJ's
·      Business attire for Traditions and non-costumed training
·      Light jackets and cardigans (the air con can get chilly)
·      Gym clothes (there’s a gym at every complex)
·      A raincoat (It rains, a lot!)

·      Flip-flops
·      Sandals
·      Flats
·      Heels
·      Shoes for Traditions
·      Trainers

·      Beach bag
·      Sunglasses
·      Daytime bag
·      Nighttime bag
·      Jewellery


- It’s completely up to you if you bring bedding and towels with you. I took a cheap square sleeping bag, which I unzipped to make into a duvet. I left it at the end of my programme to save room for all the clothes I’d bought! You can visit Wal-Mart on your first night to pick some up, however they often run low. I took the pillow off the plane just in case Wal-Mart ran out when I got there. Anything you do take, vac pack it!

- Don’t take loads of clothes. You’ll find you pretty much live in your costume and spend your days off in the mall/outlets where you’ll buy a bunch of new clothes anyway!  

- If you’re not comfortable carrying cash for the first few weeks consider getting a travel cash card, I used FairFX. They’re super easy to top up online before you go and you can top it up at any time from your bank account at home if you run out of money.

- Things like a raincoat and cardigans/jackets may seem silly but you’ll regret not taking them. It rains pretty much every day, so a raincoat will prevent you from getting absolutely soaked. You’ll be glad of a cardigan/jacket/hoodie around the apartment, especially if you live with someone who likes the apartment to have the same climate as the North Pole.

- You need a smart outfit for Traditions. You’ll be at Disney University for most of the day, but make sure you wear comfy shoes as you’ll be walking around too. Also, you’ll need an extra 1 or 2 smart outfit options for the few days training you’ll take part in before you get your costume. It might be worth packing one of these in your hand luggage, just in case you lose your luggage! You can see the requirements for Traditions here http://cp.disneycareers.com/en/onboarding/fl/working-here/disney-traditions/

Five Happy Things #8 and #9

It was another busy deadline week last week, so this post will be more of a "Things that I can remember have made me happy in the past 2 weeks"...

1. A night out with Eppie and Emma. So so funny looking at photos and videos the next day.

2. Catching up with the girls from home. After what was too long apart I managed to catch up with all the girls from home this Easter. All over a trip to Pizza Express too, which made it even better.

3. A day trip to Bakewell. Another one off my "Things to do before uni is over" bucket list.

4. More good marks back from my Live Event module.

5. Buying tickets to see Beyonce and Jay Z in Miami this summer.

6. Buying a lovely new dress at the vintage fayre in town on Saturday.

7. I handed in my final uni report this week and although a bitter sweet moment, I was so glad to have a few days off, just to catch up on emails and more importantly Pinterest.

8. It's now only 1 month until I depart for my summer in America!