Easter Monday

I had such a lovely Easter weekend with family, lots of food and blue skies and sunshine! I took quite a few photos today, so thought I'd give you a very quick, mismatched insight to my Easter Monday.

Five Happy Things #7

Marzie mid-yawn during her first bath

Where on earth has this last week gone? I'm actually in shock that it's May in just over a week! Anyway, it's been a good week yet again, so here's a few of the things that have made me happy.

1. Being back home from university for Easter and being reunited with Marzie. Can't really beat walks along the canal with a dog and friends in the sunshine. 

2. Waking up early enough to be able to see the sunrise. Then promptly falling asleep again. 

3. Having a visit from the nieces for Easter weekend.

4. Sitting with the family watching old home videos. 

5. Eating hot cross buns for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Yum!

The London Marathon 2014

Everyone has those things in life that they've always wanted to do. For as long as I can remember I've wanted to run the London Marathon and on Sunday I finally got to do it.

I've avidly tuned in every year, enjoying watching the runners and having a good giggle at some of the fancy dress costumes. I even remember attempting to run around the living room for the entire time the BBC broadcast the race, because that's exactly the same as 26.2 miles to an eight year old!

Every year since I was 18 I've entered the ballot and finally, five attempts later, I got a place. 

We travelled to London on Saturday morning and went to the Expo at the Excel, where I collected my race number and got my name printed on my race vest. I could have easily spent a good few hours there, looking around the stalls and taking part in all the interactive aspects of the event.

We had a gentle wander around London and ate a massive bowl of pasta for lunch, before heading back to the hotel for a nice bath and an early night.

I turned up to Blackheath on Sunday morning full of excitement. Imagine a sea of lycra, the occasional fancy dress outfit and the smell of deep heat and you're there.
Eppie sent me this from Innocent the night before. Most accurate description you could ever read.

Before long I was running, giving out high fives to small children and waiting to be over taken by a guy dressed in a rhino suit.

There are no words for how incredible it was to see so many people lining the streets, cheering on everyone as we ran past and handing out jelly babies. If I could hug everyone that shouted "Come on Beth!!" to me as I ran past I would!

There are three things I couldn't wait to do:

1. Run around the Cutty Sark
2. Run over Tower Bridge
3. Run as fast as I could up the Mall to the finish line.

I honestly can't tell you how amazing it was to do each of those things. I literally had the biggest smile on my face after running over that finish line. 
I was even excited to get my silver blanket.
The adrenaline from it all even hid the fact I had the biggest blisters imaginable, which resulted in a trip to the medics tent. They were so impressive my feet were photographed several times and are now famous amongst the University of Northampton podiatry students working there!

All was made better by this little kit my Mum gave me the morning after.

Honestly, if you're even considering running the London Marathon, do it. You won't regret it.

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Five Happy Things #6

Sorry this post is a day late, I've been in London all weekend. Three guesses from the above picture what for! Here's my favourite things from my stressful yet amazing week.

1. Our event winning Best Fundraiser at the awards evening at Uni.

2. Going to the Business School ball at my university this week. Love any occasion that involves wearing a pretty dress.

3. Getting my horrible horrible Strategic Management report out of my life.

4. Getting to spend the weekend in London. I really do love that place.

5. Finally getting to run the London Marathon. After wanting to run it for as long as I can remember it felt truly incredible running as fast as I could up the Mall to the finish line. 

Five Happy Things #5

I apologise for lack of blogging this week. It's that crazy deadline time and I've not really done much apart from sit in the library and drinking endless cups of tea. Normal schedule shall return next week!

1. Buying myself a big Cadbury Caramel Easter egg. Only £1 at the corner shop, bargain.

2. Watching the varsity ice hockey match. We won, woo!

3. Fajita Saturday. Yum.

4. Making uni work a bit more fun by listening to Disney songs. Fantasmic and these remixes are two of my favourites.

5. The Mother sending me a M&S giftcard so I can treat myself to some nice food this week!