Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

This post is for those of us who don't have a significant other, and are therefore spending today pretending to be strong, independent women, whilst secretly pondering over whether we'd prefer to be classed as a crazy cat lady or a crazy dog lady.

Although lets concentrate on the positive and read 19 reasons why being single is actually pretty awesome.

Don't forget to send yourself a card.

And remember to treat yo'self.

Plus, lets not forget this gorgeous man is (apparently) single now…

and he would definitely find you attractive, chocolate stained pyjamas and all.

However if you're destined to become a crazy cat lady, here's one of my favourite adverts from this week

or if you're more of a crazy dog lady, like myself, here's the puppy version

Now remember Ladies, we're strong independent women, we don't need no man.
(plus chocolate will be on sale tomorrow)

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