Marzie at 3 months

First trip to the beach

I really can't believe how quickly Marzie is growing.

We took her to a local food festival last weekend and she was definitely the star attraction. No exaggeration, at one point we had a group of at least 8 people all queueing up to stroke her. Although she definitely knows how to please her admirers, rolling over for everyone to stroke her tummy and putting on her cutest face.

She also hindered helped us whilst picking apples from the garden last week. Best part for her was the wagon ride back to the house where she nearly fell asleep.

Just a few weeks ago she could quite comfortably fall asleep on my lap but now she's definitely too big for that.

Instead this is her new method of sleeping. I didn't have the heart to move as she looked so cute, so I ended up being lay on the floor for about half an hour unable to move. Excuse the lazy day clothing combo.

I'm getting really upset about the fact she's getting too heavy too pick up for long now. I'm going to miss the puppy hugs and nose kisses. 

Less than 2 weeks now until I'm back at uni. I'm definitely going to miss this lanky pup of fluff.

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