What to take to University: Halls and Bedroom

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  • Bedding - Double check the bed size before you go, as sizes can range from single, 3/4 size to double. Don't forget a spare set for when you're washing the other!
    • Duvet and pillows
    • Mattress Topper - I bought an amazing mattress topper in my second year and it's the best thing I've done.
      • Blankets 
        • Cushions 
        • Coat Hangers - Lots of people forget these! I personally like the velvet kind, as it stops your clothes slipping off.
        • Sleeping Bag - Always a good idea for if you have friends come to stay.
          • Small bin - I didn't have a bin in my bathroom in halls so I bought my own.
          • Decorative Items - Take some things to brighten up your room. I took an orchid for on my window sill, some pictures to put on my cork board and a few other bits and bobs to scatter round my room. (Take a look at Dormify on Pinterest. They have all sorts of tips on how to decorate your room.) 
          • Photos from home
          • Alarm clock - Just because you have an alarm on your phone, doesn't mean you will wake up. I personally like the sunrise clocks to make 9am lectures a bit more bearable.
            • TV  - Lots of people take TV's to uni but personally, I made do with my iPad and laptop.
              • Extension lead - There aren't always enough plugs in halls. Best to take an extension lead so you can watch the TV, do your hair and charge your phone all at the same time.
                • Books
                • Hot water bottle
                • Door stop - Keep your door open when you first arrive is my biggest tip. That way your flat mates know you're in the room and can come and say hi. Alternatively you could use a crate of beer like my flat mate.
                  • Box of sweets/chocolates - I took a box of haribo along with me when I first moved into halls but chocolates could also be a good bet. It's a great way to get chatting and also wins you bonus points for providing sweets.

                  • Crockery  - Bowls, Plates etc
                    • Cutlery - Knives, Forks, Spoons. Take plenty, they have the tendency to disappear.
                      • Glasses - Normal water glasses, pint, wine and shot
                      • Mugs
                      • Kettle/Toaster- These are sometimes provided and although on this list, I'd still wait before you buy them. If you and your flatmates decide to buy one before you arrive you might end up with 6 toasters and 6 kettles in your halls kitchen. 
                        • Toastie maker - Again an amazing purchase I made in second year. Everyone in my house ended up using it! Endless possibilities for fillings and great for helping with a hangover. 
                          • Saucepans - One large and one small is enough
                            • Colander
                            • Sieve
                            • Frying pan
                            • Roasting Dish
                            • Baking tray
                            • Cupcake tray/Cake tin
                            • Tin opener
                            • Corkscrew / Bottle opener
                            • Vegetable peeler
                            • Cheese grater - I stand by my comment that this style of cheese grater is the best thing known to man. 
                              • Wooden spoon
                              • Spatular
                              • Whisk
                              • Masher
                              • Microwaveable bowl
                              • Measuring jug
                              • Mixing Bowl
                              • Scales
                              • Chopping knives
                              • Chopping boards
                              • Egg cup 
                              • Tupperware
                              • Travel Mug
                              • Refillable Water Bottle 
                              • Tin foil / Beeswax Wraps 
                              • Bin bags
                              • Drying Rack
                              • Cleaning products - You'll need all this when it comes to inspections:
                                            -Anti-bacterial wipes
                                            -Multi-surface cleaner
                                            - Cif Perfect Finish - great for bathroom grout 
                              • Washing up liquid
                              • Sponges
                              • Tea towels
                              • Oven Gloves
                              • Recipe Book - My mum wrote down the recipes for some of my favourite meals at home so I could recreate them. Alternatively, start a board on Pinterest for some meal inspiration now - it gets boring thinking of new meals every week. 


                              1. I'm starting uni in September and this was really helpful! thanksxx

                                1. No problem, Orla. Have an amazing time!! x

                              2. I start at uni in september for the first time, and I have been stressing over what to bring, this has been very helpful. Do you recommend taking the nessessities first then the decorations?

                                Emma xx

                                1. You should prioritise the everyday necessities, but definitely take some decorations too so your accommodation feels more like your home. Don't stress, anything you forget you'll be able to buy when you get to uni anyway!

                              3. Wow Great work!
                                You listed everything that a student must need in their dorm rooms.
                                Thanks for sharing.


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