Bioderma Crealine H20 Review

Yes, this is yet another Bioderma review and I completely understand if you're completely sick of these by now.

When I was in France last month I decided it would be a crime to not pick up Bioderma as it is so widely raved about. I popped down to the pharmacy and picked up a 250ml bottle for €14.99. This is more expensive that normal Bioderma prices as I was in the Alps so had to pay crazy mountain prices. I'm pretty sure you can normally get a twin pack of 500ml bottles for about €25 or for about £12 for 500ml on eBay.

What did surprise me was that the lady in the pharmacy tried to make me buy another product, which she claimed was much less harsh for your skin than Bioderma. I found this interesting considering how recommended Bioderma is for sensitive skin. Although the product she recommended was another €5 more expensive, so maybe she was just trying to con the British person!

I've been using this product for about a month now and am happy with it so far. If I'm honest I'm not as blown away by the product as I thought I would be. From all the outstanding reviews and the number of people who say they would repurchase this product over and over I think I was expecting a miracle. 

The product is very good at removing face make up quickly and effectively but I do struggle to remove my mascara fully (I use Benefit Bad Gal), which was disappointing as this is what most people commended this product on. However it is perfect for those times where you just want to get your make up off as quickly as possible, without the hassle of cleansing your face in the bathroom several times. It's also perfect for quickly dipping a cotton bud into the solution to remove any bits of mascara I accidentally get on my eyelid, which happens way too often.

Since using this product on a regular basis my skin has cleared up and is looking a great deal better than it has done is the past, although I'm not sure I can put this down to Bioderma alone.

I'm still uncertain whether I'll buy this product again. The fact that Bioderma is coming to the UK in April is definitely persuading me that bit more, and I've got a sneaky feeling that this may develop into one of those products I'll really miss once I run out.

Update: It's now 3 months down the line in June and I was correct. I'm now in love with this product and have just ordered myself a new 500ml bottle as my 250ml is almost empty!

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