Winter Warmers

As many of you will already know, we've had A LOT of snow in the UK this week. I adore the snow so this is my idea of perfect weather, but I know the majority of people don't agree with me! I thought I'd put together a few of my favourite bits and bobs I've been enjoying this week to share with you.

Left: Original Tall in Chocolate Right: Original Tall in Aubergine

First up are my Hunter Boots. I got my first pair of Hunters this Christmas and they have definitely had their moneys worth already. Normally when the weather gets cold I immediately go for my Uggs, as does every other girl, but when the snow gets this deep wellies are always the best option.
I know lots of people might think £79 is a bit pricey for a pair of wellies, but I know that personally I will get the use out of them all year round. After all I live in the UK, so when it's not snowing it's normally raining. They're also very long lasting, my Mum had her first pair of Hunters when she was my age, and 20+ years later she's only just had to buy her second. Hunter have also bought out a snow range, a bit more pricey than a standard pair at £99, but they have a really thick sole, perfect for walking in snow, ice, and slush. 

Next up are the Monin Coffee Syrup Set by Costa. Not a winter warmer in itself, but I've been adding them to my hot chocolate which makes it taste extra yummy. I really love the hazelnut flavour but gingerbread is the winner in my house. I'm not quite sure where to buy these from as they were a Christmas present, but I'm going to assume you can pick them up in bigger Costa stores. I had a quick google and you seem to be able to pick them up for under £10 on eBay too. I'm also excited as you can pick up the individual hazelnut syrups in Waitrose

I got this lovely hot water bottle for Christmas, yet another item to add to my ever growing Cath Kidston collection. It's such a cute print and much needed in this cold weather, and I'm sure I'll appreciate it even more when I'm back at university. I can no longer find this on the Cath Kidston website, but the Cath Kidston website is worth a look at anyway as there's always lovely things and bound to be something that catches your eye.

Cherries on Snow by Yankee Candle is definitely up there on my favourite Yankee Candle scents. I love the smell of cherries and this fragrance seems very apt considering the current weather. I bought this in the medium size, which has a 65-90 hour burning time, which justifies paying £16.99 for a candle if you ask me, along with the fact it smells gorgeous. Cherries on Snow is currently in the sale on their website, so rush on over there if you want to smell it for yourself.

So they're the few Winter Warmers I've been enjoying for the past week of snow, I'd love to hear what things you all enjoy when you're cooped up in the warm.

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